Sustainable Water Management

Aquacycl’s BETT system can help solve the most challenging wastewater management problems in industries. See how we are helping industries ensure permit compliance, reduce risk and reduce costs.


Eliminate Trucking

Eliminate trucking and enable direct discharge to sewer with guaranteed permit compliance.

No CapEx

We provide treatment as a service with no upfront cost. Let us manage your wastewater challenges so you can focus on production.

Improve Aerobic Processes

BETT for wastewater pretreatment decreases energy demand for aeration and reduces waste activated sludge.

Optimize Existing Anaerobic Digesters

BETT for wastewater pretreatment improves biogas production, reduces sulfide, and reduces hydraulic residence time.

Food and Beverage

Whether upgrading existing treatment or installing a greenfield project, Aquacycl’s solutions make wastewater treatment more sustainable and efficient. We treat the ultra-high strength wastewater, up to 150,000 mg/L BOD, removing up to 85% of BOD, 85% of TSS and 30% of Nitrogen.

See our library of case studies for confection, brewery and beverage bottling applications.

Manure Management

BETT can be used for manure management to improve water reuse capacity and reduce GHG emissions. We help ensure regulatory compliance, improve manure management and remediation of open lagoons.

See our published case study for our longest running installation at a small swine farm.


Hydrocarbon Remediation

BETT can be used for hydrocarbon removal. We act as industrial pretreatment for wastewater generated during transport, tank and line cleaning. We ensure regulatory discharge by removing gasoline, benzene, phenols, diesel and COD to non-detectible levels.

Distributed Sanitation

BETT systems can be used as distributed wastewater treatment on forward operating bases or other military installations where a sewer infrastructure is not present or permitted. Aquacycl has successfully demonstrated BETT systems for off-grid wastewater treatment and replacement for chemical toilets, with demonstrated irrigation-quality water after treatment.


The Circular Economy Starts with Water

BETT® takes care of the hardest part of wastewater treatment, enabling water reuse or zero liquid discharge with complementary technologies.

Water Reuse

BETT enables water reuse and zero-liquid discharge when integrated with partner technologies.

Energy reduction

BETT operates with the lowest energy consumption requirement on the market and can generate useful electricity during treatment. 

Reduce Greenhouse Gasses (GHG)

Eliminate up to 50% of GHG emissions. Check out our whitepaper for GHG comparisons.

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