The Most Cost-Effective Solution to Reduce BOD in Wastewater

Reduce your wastewater treatment costs the sustainable way with BETT

Your Biggest Wastewater Challenges


You’re spending too much money
hauling wastewater and paying
sewer bills

We help reduce sewer surcharges and eliminate process wastewater trucking. Find out how one of our customers is saving money.


Improper disposal of wastewater
is a compliance nightmare

We guarantee permit compliance and
make the process easy.


Your sustainability efforts are going down the drain thanks to carbon emissions from process water treatment

Our patented distributed treatment
system can reduce greenhouse gases of wastewater treatment by 90%

"On average, the system at the Pepsi plant is eliminating 110 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per month. It also saves the company money because its bills from the utility have dropped."

Organic Waste Has Met Its Match: How BETT Works

Aquacycl’s modular technology helps clean up contaminated water before it flows down the drain. In some cases, it can also be reused onsite after it’s cleaned. Inside the shipping container, hundreds of microbial fuel cells, each roughly the size of a car battery, use natural, locally-sourced bacteria to break down contaminants. The system can be sized up or down depending on the volume of wastewater, with the fuel cells attached together like Legos.

The Benefits of BETT for BOD Wastewater Treatment

You'll get results, quickly! We do in hours what a conventional technology takes days to do.

Don't worry about the costs of hauling process water - BOD testing and treatment is done on site.

Meet your sustainability goals and mitigate carbon emissions of wastewater treatment by up to 90%.

Worried about permissible BOD levels? Don't be. Your effluent is our business, not yours. We'll take care of compliance.

We catch issues before they become problems. Expect a hands-off operation so you can focus on your business.

We know wastewater treatment isn't a one-size-fits all solution. We get to know your business and your needs.

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Comparison Between BETT and Other Technologies

Aquacycl BETT
High-rate Anaerobic Digestor
BOD concentration (mg-BOD/L) 500- 150,000 1500 - 25,000
Maximum TSS concentration (ppm) 3,000 300
Maximum FOG concentration (ppm) 300 50
Hydraulic Residence Time (hours) 4 - 18 8 - 48
Organic loading rate (mg/L-BOD per day) 5 - 150 0.2 - 13
Energy consumption (kW/kg-BOD treated) 0.2 - 0.4 0.8 - 1.2
% Sludge (Biomass/BOD treated) 0.7% 10%
Operating pH range 5 - 9 6.5 - 7.5
Operating temperature
10 - 50 oC
32 - 40 oC
Minimum availability* 87% 0%
* Each BETT container has multiple trains, thus allowing for continued operations while one train is serviced for any maintenance need.

A Wastewater Solution That Helps You Grow

Whether you have existing onsite treatment, are trucking, or discharging to sewer, our BETT system can help reduce costs and improve efficiency of downstream treatment. No rip and replace. No hidden costs. Just wastewater treatment as a service for your most challenging streams.

Want to treat on site?

Don’t let your wastewater limit the size of your business. We grow with you using far less resources than any conventional treatment.

Already have on site treatment?

Wastewater can be complicated and costly. Used as a pretreatment, we can buffer peaks and valleys, making downstream treatment more efficient, used as post treatment we help reduce operating costs.


Expanding production capacity?

No problem. Adding (or beginning to use) more BETT reactors will increase treatment capacity (and quality of it) to help you expand. And save you money.

Struggling with production variability?

Aquacycl can handle the variability in what you’re producing today, tomorrow, next week – next year. Too much variability can increase toxicity levels and leave your system at risk of a complete breakdown. Our bugs have been tested and can handle extremes in variability.


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