Learn about how you can optimize your wastewater management while cutting costs with sidestreaming from Aquacycl’s CEO.

Have you heard of a wastewater management process called sidestreaming? Today, Aquacycl’s CEO and Co-Founder, Orianna Bretschger, will be discussing the utilization of sidestreaming for improved wastewater management.

Incorporating sidestreams (or diversions) can be a more resource-friendly and energy-efficient way to manage your wastewater treatment process while saving you money. Traditionally, there have been two ways to deal with these sidestreams–dilute the water or truck it off-site. Diluting means adding clean(er) water back into the wastewater, increasing water use for the facility. Trucking poses several risks including potential spills, supply chain disruptions, and cost escalations; some companies even spend upwards of $1M per year per facility on trucking! Thankfully, new advances (such as Aquacycl) make it possible to treat the sidestream onsite in a cost-effective and sustainable way. So when looking to optimize your wastewater treatment process, consider sidestreaming, the environment, and your bottom line will thank you for it! Give us a like if you learned something new this #wastewaterwednesday!