Saving water in your manufacturing site is great but have you thought of the domino effect it can have on your bottom line?

Saving water is a goal we all should strive for, especially for production facilities, but it may have some unforeseen effects in your bottom line. Aquacycl’s CEO and Co-Founder, Orianna Bretschger, discusses what impacts saving water in your production line may have to your wastewater and what you can do in order to minimize and get ahead of these domino effects. We hope you enjoy the video, be sure to give us a like and follow if you learned something new this #wastewaterwednesday!

As we talk about climate and water goals within the industrial environment, limiting water use is typically at the very top of the list. While conserving water is almost necessary for preserving our future, we must also think about the domino effects it may have on our bottom line, specifically in our wastewater. Most wastewater treatment systems aren’t equipped to handle highly concentrated wastewaters, yet the less water a production facility uses, the more concentrated the wastewater will be. But don’t worry, Aquacycl is here to help! Our BioElectrchemical Treatment Technology is made to handle wastewaters 10x more concentrated than traditional systems, and in a much more cost and time efficient way. Learn more about our treatment technology here: